About Us

Gathering goodies from around the globe

What IS Gray Mouse?

Gray Mouse is a new kind of online boutique where you can shop for special gifts that you'll love to give...

We know you love to shop — We do, too! And we suspect that, like us, your time is precious and sometimes you prefer to find that perfect gift while curled up on the couch in your p.j.'s... But you don't want to give up the delightful experience of finding just-the-right-thing-to-give that often comes when you stumble across a darling little side-street boutique — that "tasty morsel" of a gift that no one else will be bringing to the party. So we've done the scouring and scampering to find exactly what you've been looking for. Whether it's a gift for your best friend, your mom, a fabulous co-worker, or that upcoming bridal shower, it's waiting here for you!

What is Gray Mouse?

Cute story, actually. As we sat around a table one day dreaming of what we wanted this lovely little gift site to be, we talked about the idea that our products are the exact opposite of what you'd pull from the back of your closet to take to the office "white elephant" gift exchange. Then we asked ourselves, well then, what's the opposite of a white elephant? Why, it's a GRAY MOUSE! And the name stuck because we're suckers for cute little things... as you can see by all the cute little things offered on our site!